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Faculty of Natural Resources

Natural Resources include different ecosystems such as deserts, rangelands, forests, wetlands, marine and freshwater, and so on. The depletion of natural resources is considered as a sustainable development issue. Natural resources are considered national treasures and must be managed wisely to ensure the well-being of our society and future generations. To do so, related majors are gradually established at the University of Jiroft during the past years. The ecological-human necessity, presence of young, experienced and committed academic staff, and educational and research facilities, the regional and national mission of the faculty as the only of Natural Resources Faculty in our region, necessitate that the Faculty of Natural Resources expands its influence and sphere of activities at the regional and national levels.

 In the Faculty of Natural Resources, natural and human systems are examined from the ecological, economic, and social points of view (and the complex issues of the region, the country and the world in the 21st century are addressed such as habitat loss, environmental pollution, climate change, and so on). The Faculty of Natural Resources at the University of Jiroft provides high-quality educational opportunities to their students. 

Courses and Degrees

BSc. MSc. PhD.
Ecological Engineering
Environmental Science and Engineering
Fisheries Engineering

Being a student in the Faculty of Natural Resources can be a challenging and rewarding experience. The Faculty has evolved and changed over the years with more students enrolling at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

We are committed to provide students with a high quality teaching and a decent research environment to ensure that every student has the opportunity to excel. If you are a prospective undergraduate or graduate student, please feel free to make contact with our faculty members listed on this site.

Mojtaba Soleimani-Sardo
Academic Rank Assistant Professor
Expertise De-desertification
Department Environmental Science
Position Dean of Faculty
Email Address
Phone Number 034-3443347061-(142)

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