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A memorandum of cooperation signed between University of Jiroft and Organization of Industry, Mine and Trade, South of Kerman
چهارشنبه، 25 آبان 1401
In line with the development of relations between University and Industry, a memorandum of joint cooperation was signed between the University of Jiroft and the Organization of Industry, Mine and Trade, South of Kerman

The chancellor of the university, Dr. Hossein Shekofteh, stated that the University of Jiroft has launched basic steps in the direction of developing relations with Society, Industry and Agriculture in the south of Kerman.

 Referring to the existence of five faculties in the University of Jiroft, he declared: There is a good capacity in order to expand the cooperation between these two organizations. While appreciating the presence of this organization in the university, he added: this joint cooperation will lead to the development both of the University of Jiroft and the organization of industry, mine and trade.

 The head of industry, mining and trade organization stated that the connection between the industry and the university will lead to the growth of industries and mines. He added: One of the largest copper mines in the country is being located in the South Jabalbarez (Kror Copper) which will cause significant growth in the south of Kerman. Moreover, the presence of scientific members is considered as one of the important needs of this project which highlighted the significant role of the universities.

Engineer Moravaji emphasized on the establishment of ‘Mining’ and ‘Geology’ courses in University of Jiroft and said: The establishment of courses related to mines and industries, and training of skilled students can be a big step in supporting these two fields.

Finally, while signing the memorandum of cooperation between University of Jiroft and Industry, Mine and Trade Organization, plans and challenges related to the South of Kerman in the field of mines and industries were reviewed.