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University of Jiroft faculty member placed among the top two percent scientists of the world
دوشنبه، 1 آبان 1402
In the latest ranking of the world's top scientists in 2023, UJ Faculty Member was placed among the world's top two percent scientists
According to the latest report published by Stanford University and obtained by reviewing and evaluating the Scopus database, the 100,000 highly-cited scientists in all areas and the top two percent scientists were introduced. According to the 2023 Elsevier Citation Index, Dr. Mohammad Hossein Khanjani, associate professor of the fisheries department, was ranked among the top two percent scientists in the world.
This list analyzed the citation performance of authors for their published research outputs in the period of one year (2022) in 22 main subject areas and 174 sub-areas, and based on this report, the authors who are among the top two percent of the most cited researchers in the world are introduced.
Also, the main basis of this evaluation has been the citation index, and the number of citations to researchers' scientific productions, the number of citations without self-citations, researchers' H-index (h-index) and the use of a combined citation index until the end of 2022, are the evaluation criteria of this institution to determine highly cited researchers and two percent superior.