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University of Jiroft and University of Salento, Italy Celebrate Signing of MoU
چهارشنبه، 27 مهر 1401
The agreement will support joint conferences, joint research projects, and cooperation in postgraduate education and training.

On Monday 19 August 2022, the Presidency Board of the University of Salento, Italy met the University of Jiroft to mark the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two universities.

“This MoU provides optimal framework for the graduate students of both universities. International exchange and sharing of knowledge is important for the young scientists,” says Dr Hosein Shekofteh, the chancellor of University of Jiroft, “The memorandum promotes a sustainable relationship between the two Universities.

University of Salento’s President, Fabio Pollice, said he is, “looking forward to expanding and exploring new researches between the universities,” not just in science but as a necessary discussion of the future direction of the university academic system.