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The robotics competition held in the University of Jiroft through two sections: Warrior and Pathfinder Robots.
چهارشنبه، 9 آذر 1401
Students’ robotics competition was held in the two sections of Warrior and Pathfinder Robots in the University of Jiroft on November 28, 2022.

This event was co-organized by the Electrical and Mechanical scientific Associations of University of Jiroft and Ibn Sina Research Institute.

Over 100 school and university students competed with each other within eight pathfinder robot teams and six warrior robot teams, the dean of Engineering Faculty reported.

Dr. Iman Gorouhi said: through this competition, the students have the chance of being trained and evaluated by experts and getting acquainted with different practical topics such as Microprocessor Programming, Mechanical Design of Robots, Energy Supply of Robots, Precision Instruments, etc.  

He added: a scientific competition like this is part of moving science out of the laboratory into the real world, While injecting enjoyment and creativity into student environments, lead them towards applied research.

It is worth mentioning, the top teams will be introduced and valuable prizes will be awarded to them.