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Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science is a place for education and research on science. Science is a study that engages in a "dialogue with Nature" to understand the principles and laws working in the natural world. We strive to unravel the mysteries of nature, starting by asking simple questions such as "Why?" and "How?" The principal incentives to do most research activities lie in pure interest, and human wisdom has been accumulated in this manner for many generations. Sometimes, understanding nature directly results in applied use in the real world. Other times, it takes a long time before understanding nature which brings a significant change to our lifestyles.

Faculty of Sciences is the second approved faculty of the University of Jiroft, initially launched with plant biology in 2010. Due to the policy of the disciplines increase, the fundamental majors including Mathematics and Applications, Pure Chemistry, and Applied Chemistry have founded until 2013 and the provision of basic courses to other faculties. The faculty of Sciences is divided into three Departments, including Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics, with educational and research facilities, experienced academic staff, and a history of 11-years' experience, which has introduced this faculty as one of the most important scientific centers in the south of Iran. Moreover, the admission of students in the master's degree of Organic Chemistry has been started since September of 2021.

Faculty of Science

Courses and Degrees

BSc. MSc. PhD.

The combination of outstanding faculty members, significant students’ collaborations, and capable staff has led to produce science at the frontiers of knowledge and new technologies in various fields of science. The faculty is engaged in developing basic and applied research and creating a competitive scientific environment for the scientific needs of the society and industry and also strives to improve and promote it globally by gaining and maintaining its scientific superiority in Iran. One of the scientific characteristics of this claim is the publication of high-quality articles in prestigious international scientific research journals and obtaining scientific rankings in reputable databases.

Mahboobeh Zahedifar
Academic Rank Associate Professor
Expertise -
Department Department of Chemistry
Position Dean of Faculty
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Phone Number 248

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